Rand Joins Veterans On Honor Flight Of The Bluegrass

Rand Joins Veterans On Honor Flight Of The Bluegrass

One of the unwritten duties of the current generation is to pay respect to previous generations, especially to those that sacrificed their lives throughout American history. Today, many war veterans from WWII and beyond are in their advanced years, which is all the more reason to honor them while they are still with us. This is exactly what the Honor Flight of the Bluegrass is all about.

Over 80 veterans, including those from World War 2, the Vietnam and Korean wars, took part in the Honor Flight of the Bluegrass, which took them from Louisville, Kentucky to a Heroes reception in Washington, DC. For many of them, this was not a journey that could be measured in miles, but memories, many of which include their buddies dying.

One of those that came to show respect to the war vets on Tuesday morning was Senator Rand Paul. He said the following at the World War II Memorial:

“We’re proud of our veterans and we’re proud of their service to the country. The saying is ‘freedom is not free,’ it takes a great deal of sacrifice from our veterans from both the World War II era and [other eras]. I met people here today from World War II, I met Korean War veterans, I met Vietnam veterans, I met Iraq war veterans—and sometimes all in the same family. One family had mother and father or grandmother and grandfather and they both served in World War II and the young men that were pushing them around were Vietnam War veterans that were their sons. There’s a lot of proud traditions of families—multi-generational families—who have served the country.” (Breitbart)

Paul, who is known to advocate the use of military force only when it is necessary, said he believes Congress should vote again on going to war or not. Right now, President Obama is using the 2001 Authorization for the Use of Military Force which was passed after 9/11 for a completely different enemy (Al-Qaeda).

Because of this, Paul insists that the Congress must declare war anew against the current adversary, the Islamic State.

In a video he posted on Facebook, Paul said:

“One generation cannot and should not bind another generation to perpetual war. The cost of lives and dollars of the last 15 years of our foreign policy have been staggering and the benefits? Somewhere between questionable and negligible.” (Rare)

And what of Obama’s legacy? The man who was voted largely based on his anti-war rhetoric is now the president which has kept us at war the longest. He’s completed both of his terms with the country at war.

It’s no surprise that Geir Lundestad, former Nobel secretary, stated in his memoirs that he regrets giving Obama the Peace Prize in 2009. In his book, Lundestad wrote:

“Even many of Obama’s supporters believed that the prize was a mistake. In that sense the committee didn’t achieve what it had hoped for.” (US News)

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