Rand Paul In 3rd Place…At least He Is In The Money

Rand Paul In 3rd Place…At least He Is In The Money

A new poll came out that shows that Chris Christie and Paul Ryan are ahead of Rand Paul for the presidential election in 2016.

I don’t know but I checked my calendar and it is still a few years away.  Anyway you look at it, he is in the running.  He is ‘in the money’ as you would say in horse racing.  Win, place or show.  The most important thing is that as this battle unfolds we will discover more about these guys.

Of course Christie is the darling, the favorite choice… well maybe not now after the Washington Bridge and what still needs to come to light there.  I think it is a kooky thing anyway considering how the media treats people.

The best news is that Rand Paul is in 3rd.  It is not like he is from New Jersey, which has a large population.  And it’s not like Paul Ryan who was the running mate of Mitt Romney.  He is from a small state and this is only his third year as a senator.

Here is a guy who was an Ophthalmologist with a famous father, but famous for maybe some of the wrong reasons.  Here he is a few years away from the presidential election and currently in 3rd place in the Republican candidacy for President.

All we can say here is that we at It’s A Paul World are going to keep pushing to try to get Rand Paul more momentum, more notoriety, and more supporters. 

The thing to think about is: who is going to protect your rights and your liberty; what you deem as important to yourself.  I guess that if you want to be a ward of the state then I am sure that there is somebody who is a safer, better choice then Rand Paul.  But if you want somebody who really wants to protect your rights then I think that Rand Paul is the obvious choice, at least for me.

Back to the poll:  whenever you see a poll like this just understand that what the collectors are doing is mostly name recognition.  Part of name recognition is what the media throws out at people.  Now the media is changing and fracturing and we don’t know if the media is going to look much like it does today by the time we get to 2016.  But we know today that with the way things have been going that the other two currently have much higher profiles.  Christie of course for the right and wrong reasons, and Paul Ryan… because he ran with Mitt Romney?

Don’t despair Rand Paul fans, I think that what this tells us is that he is starting to show that he is not a copy of his quirky father. I think that when he does run he will seriously run, and push all the others to see if they can really stand up and say what they really should say instead of what they think is the safe thing to say.

So if you don’t want the same old tired politics of Chris Christie or Paul Ryan or who knows who else, it is time to rally and start making everybody around you aware of who Rand Paul is and making sure that they know that Rand Paul is a great choice for 2016.

Join us at It’s A Paul World in making that dream a reality and making this a very different and better country.  Please like, share, and comment about how you think the presidential contenders are doing.


(Photo Courtesy of Paolo Camera from Flickr Creative Commons)



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