Rand Paul Has Been Doing This During the Midterm Elections, Did You Notice?

Rand Paul Has Been Doing This During the Midterm Elections, Did You Notice?

Midterm elections. There. I said it. It’s kind of a boring, dirty word, but I did manage to eke it out. We’re talking about it because there’s some stuff going on here that makes for some interesting relevance to the upcoming presidential election. Mostly for Rand Paul, which is what every non-socialist politically-minded average Joe is holding out hope for. We’re all probably waiting to see Rand Paul run for president.

So here’s what’s going on. Rand Paul has crossed numerous states supporting various candidates for the midterm elections but it’s all about gaining allies within the GOP, which incidentally will be his biggest hurdle if he’s ever going to run for President.

Chris Cillizza of Washington Post puts it like this:

Now, making smart moves in November 2014 is one thing. Making smart moves in January 2016 is another. But, the best candidates (a.k.a. the ones who win) not only play the long game but start playing it long before most people are even thinking about the game. Rand Paul is doing just that.”

Cillizza continues on why the GOP is the real… shall we say… elephant in the room for Rand Paul:

He’s not someone who could actually be the nominee, the argument goes, because his views — especially on foreign policy — are way outside the mainstream of GOP thought, and that fact means that he will never be accepted by a party establishment that still retains considerable sway in picking the party’s standard-bearer.”

“And yet, Paul just keeps doing smart things to ensure that if he is able to get in a position to be the party’s nominee, the establishment won’t necessarily feel the need to try to keep the nomination from him.” (The Washington Post)

It’s a genius way of being in the presidential game early. Right now it seems like the 2016 election is going to be Rand Paul and Hillary Clinton. But that leaves a lot of open questions, like who their running mates will be. (Any suggestions? Comment below.) Then again, similar to the 2012 election with his dad, Ron Paul, it’s the GOP in-fighting that’s going to determine if we see Rand Paul run for president or not.

What do you guys think about Rand’s recent moves during the midterm elections? Should we worry about the GOP dodging us yet again in 2016 and sweeping the libertarians under the rug like they did in 2012? Tweet us or join the conversation on Facebook.

(Photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0)

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