Rand Paul Gets Ready to Party Like It’s 2016 At CPAC

Rand Paul Gets Ready to Party Like It’s 2016 At CPAC

CPAC has begun! There’s more than one way to describe the Conservative Political Action Conference. It’s the ‘silent primary’ for serious Republican contenders or ‘American Idol for political nerds.’

However, it’s not just another conference for passionate conservatives. One of these speakers at CPAC could very well go on to dramatically change our country. As one commentator proposes, attendees see a Republican president in our near future, but who will it be?

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While attendees at the Conservative Political Action Conference weigh the pros and cons of each possible contender, it’ll be hard to overlook the CPAC rockstar of the last two years. Will Sen. Rand Paul win the straw poll again?

The Senator doesn’t speak until Friday morning, but he told The Kelly File on Wednesday that he’ll focus on what matters:

“I’ll say what I always say: The government ought to leave us alone. Let us be free to live our lives. The government ought to be minimal and your liberty ought to maximized.”

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