Paul Doesn’t Like Being Groped by the TSA Either

Paul Doesn’t Like Being Groped by the TSA Either

Nobody likes the TSA. You know, the security at airports that makes you wait in a long line, take off your shoes and half your clothes, unpack your laptop from the bottom of your bag, and walk through a giant scanner while Joe Sixpack in front of you holds his pants up, waiting for his belt to get through the bag scanner.

It’s annoying, and it takes up a lot of time. Not to mention it’s only slightly-less invasive of your personal space than your annual physical at the doctor’s office.

Well, Rand Paul has had enough of it, and wants to make a change.

Paul’s solution: Dismantle the TSA by taking it out of the government’s hands.

Paul Joseph Watson of Info Wars writes:

“The legislation would forcibly privatize the TSA and kick government out of airport security entirely. A recently passed bill actually allows airports to replace TSA screeners with private security but they have to go through a complex TSA permission process to do so, meaning only a handful of small airports have applied to evict the TSA.”

Even more damning (arguably) is that the TSA doesn’t have a great track record when it comes to tests.

“The email points out that the TSA’s invasive and dangerous body scanners have been proven to be completely useless, most recently by engineer Jon Corbett who was able to fool the device by simply sewing an object into a side pocket.”

So not only does it annoy everybody who wants to travel, invading their personal space – it arguably doesn’t even work like it’s supposed to. So if that’s the case, what are we all sacrificing some of our rights to privacy for, every single time we get on an airplane?

Paul was famously stopped by the TSA in 2012 while trying to board a flight from Nashville, detained and searched after refusing to submit to a more invasive pat down after already going through a full-body scanner. The delay caused Paul to miss his flight, as well as his scheduled speech at the March for Life in Washington.



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