Paul Determined To Help Republicans Win Baseball Game

Paul Determined To Help Republicans Win Baseball Game

That baseball takes a special place in American hearts is well-known, but the relationship goes deeper, especially for the U.S. Congress. Every year, U.S. Congressmen, from both the Republican and the Democrat parties gather for a Congressional Baseball game and, at least for one day, put their political differences aside for a little fun.

In the last five years, things haven’t gone well for the GOP during the Congressional Baseball games. Naturally, no one likes be on the losing end five years in a row, particularly not someone who this year ran for president and the Senate at the same time – Rand Paul.

Taking a brief break from his busy schedule and town hall tour around Kentucky, Paul visited with the WKU baseball team and had a practice with the lads there, joining the team in some stretches and throwing, but perhaps more importantly for his congressional team – batting practice.

WKU coach John Pawlowski described to Baseball America how it felt to coach a U.S. Senator:

“To have a US Senator here to come out and practice with us, what a great learning experience, what a great educational piece that was for our student athletes. Senator Paul spent over 20 years here in Bowling Green, and after being elected he played in that congressional game and he wanted to get some work in a kind of condensed spring training game, so to speak.”

After the practice, Paul said:

“They were giving me a little bit of practice because the Democrats have won five years in a row. We’ve got to get our A game on, so we’re really working hard. It was really nice of Western; I wear the Western uniform in the game.” (WBKO)

For the Tea Party supporter, this won’t be the first Congressional Baseball game he will take part in. Paul has been a regular at these games since 2010, not missing a single game.

Of course, it could be that it just runs in the family. Rand’s father, Ron not only played in the Congressional Baseball game himself (seven times, no less), but he is a member of the Congressional Hall of Fame there. Paul senior has six runs scored and six RBI, with .294 hit, according to the New Yorker.

This year’s Congressional Baseball game is coming up in June.

Who do you think will win the Congressional Baseball game this year? Can Rand Paul help the Republicans snap out of their five-game losing streak? Share your comments and questions in the comments below and don’t forget to check our Facebook and Twitter pages.

(Photo courtesy of David, Flickr CC BY 2.0)



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