Rand Paul Crashes Pizza Party at Plymouth State

Rand Paul Crashes Pizza Party at Plymouth State

So in case you haven’t caught on, Rand Paul is exactly what we need right now. The guy’s an American. Paul showed up at Plymouth State earlier this month and – in true American fashion – said what he had to say. And people in New Hampshire agreed with him! Surprise, surprise!

You can tell from the candid little nuggets of authenticity that Rand Paul unknowingly feeds us, like this one from his recent visit to NH and the Plymouth State University:

“I think the neat thing about New Hampshire is that it’s a small enough state that people not only want but seek out personal interaction with the candidate,” Paul said during a stop at the New Hampshire Republican Party headquarters in Concord. “So when I call people on the phone here at the headquarters, I think people aren’t that shocked.” (Concord Monitor)

You can tell that this is a guy who legitimately favors politics not from the angle of a government-policy-industry driven agenda, or the agenda of maximizing profits for the banks – but instead it’s politics from the good’ol grassroots again! I’m hyped! Are you hyped?!

There’s a lot of reasons to get excited about the sentiments represented when Rand was at Plymouth State. You know how every politician – unfortunately typically those on the right – are all on about “We gotta get the terrorists no matter how many liberties we trample in the process! Mrreh!”? Yeah, he’s not like that.

Rand Paul at Plymouth State addressed and stressed the need to remain constitutional and do things the right way when pursuing potential bad-guys:

“I say let’s speed up the process. Let’s speed up the process of getting warrants for the bad people. If Mr. Smith is a potential terrorist and calls 100 people, then we think 4 or 5 of them look suspicious, and they call 100 people and 4 or 5 of them– I don’t care how deep into the haystack you go into looking for terrorists; you do it in the right way.”

And he makes this conclusion after actually meeting with a high-ranking defense official who admits that a warrant is way better and safer, but it is slow, and there is a need. So in this regard, Rand is doing what other politicians won’t. Instead of creating a problem *Coughcoughobamacare* and then offering a policy-driven ultimatum; he instead identifies a problem, and offers a solution.

This is the kind of thinking that we need in the oval office. This is the problem-solving mind that is necessary to get us out of this mess! Watch the video below of Sen. Rand Paul at Plymouth State and then send us a tweet with your thoughts or join us on Facebook.

Written by Bryan Smith

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