Rand Paul Answers The Question Jeb Bush Couldn’t

Rand Paul Answers The Question Jeb Bush Couldn’t

Someone was going to ask it. It was an ‘inevitable question’ for Jeb Bush, says former Defense Secretary Robert Gates, but somehow Bush managed to fumble not once but multiple times regarding a basic question on the Iraq War.

Jeb Bush Fails Politics 101

He’s ‘a bit rusty’, says some allies. Other insiders were not so forgiving of Jeb Bush.

“When your brother’s been president and authorized the use of force and your father was president and authorized the use of force,” said one GOP lawmaker from an early primary state who has yet to endorse anyone in the race, “that’s a zone of certainty” that question will be asked. (The Hill)

“What just really stands out is lack of a discipline of a candidate,” said Iowa Republican analyst Craig Robinson. “This is about as Politics 101 as you can get, and Jeb Bush mishandled it not just once, but two or three times, prolonging the story. I thought he’d be the most disciplined, most prepared candidate in the field and it’s shocking to me he’s not.” (Miami Herald)

Watch Out For That Word ‘Hypothetical’

Bush was quick to dismiss the Iraq War question as being too hypothetical. But that was a poor word choice, according to Time’s writer Michael Scherer. Candidates like Bush, Hillary, and Bobby Jindal can’t use the word ‘hypothetical’ to get out of tough questions, he wrote. The whole point of hypothetical questions is to determine “what kind of president would you be?”

Rand Paul didn’t let Bush’s ‘hypothetical’ statement slide by either.

“The question has everything to do with this election,” Paul told a crowd in Fairfield, Iowa on Saturday. “We have faced that question time and time again.”

Paul told CNN on Wednesday that:

“There’s a consistent theme here that every candidate should be asked, and that is: Is it a good idea to go into the Middle East, topple governments, and hope for something better out of the chaos? Recent history seems to suggest you get something worse.”

Watch the video below for how Rand Paul would have answered that same question on the Iraq War. Send us a tweet or comment on Facebook with your thoughts on Jeb Bush’s fumble.

(Photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0)

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WATCH: Rand Paul Criticizes Jeb Bush For Iraq War Answer



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