Rand Paul Against Rubbing Russia’s Nose through NATO

Rand Paul Against Rubbing Russia’s Nose through NATO

It should come as no surprise to hear that Russia and Ukraine have been in a debacle over coming to an agreement.


Currently, Ukraine is still fighting for/building a non-Russian influenced government, and, of course, Russia, having been tied to Ukraine’s politics for a long time, is not pleased to see the power shift in another direction—A.K.A. liberation of the Ukraine.


However, even with the collapse of the old Ukrainian regime and its president Viktor Yaunkovych out, Ukraine is looking for the legitimate certification and recognition of an independent government.


Recently, a few Republican legislators have encouraged the president to help Ukraine in their goal by welcoming them into the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) at some point in the future. Additionally, these conservative partisans also suggested Obama put pressure on Russian President Vladimir Putin (and his supporters) to back off from the Ukraine’s political affairs.


Republican Sen. of Arizona John McCain is one of the outspoken conservatives on the matter.


“Watch out for Vladimir Putin because he will try to make mischief because he believes that Ukraine is part of Russia,” McCain said. “We ought to tell Putin that interference … in the ways that he might do it, would be totally unacceptable to the United States.”


Now, the United States is all about the fight for freedom, but it should not have to be about the fight for stupid. Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky, though Republican, is very much against McCain’s statements on the matter and the idea of humiliating Russia for the sake of Cold War grudges.


“The Ukraine has a long history of either being part of the Soviet Union or within that sphere,” Paul said. “I don’t think it behooves us to tell the Ukraine what to do. I’m not excited about saying ‘hey, let’s put the Ukraine in NATO’ to rub Russia’s nose in it.”


Paul reminded the press that Russia stands as a major power in the world, and without respect of their standing, the United States could fall into trouble by dabbling in taunts at one of the world’s largest military forces.


“We still need to be conscious of the fact that Russia has intercontinental ballistic missiles,” Paul said. “Though the Cold War is largely over, I think we need to have a respectful – sometimes adversarial – but a respectful relationship with Russia.”


So, what are your thoughts? Does Russia deserve our respect? Should we have the confidence to poke the bear with a stick? Perhaps the matter is under or over exaggerated…


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