Rand on Schools’ Rejection of Parent Volunteers

Rand on Schools’ Rejection of Parent Volunteers

As a Senator, Rand Paul has been very clear about his stance on education: As he writes on his own website,

The responsibility for education ultimately lies with the parents and education is one of the greatest gifts parents can give their children.

Which leads us to last week. During a panel on charter schools in Louisville, Shawn Gardner mentioned he was not allowed to be a full-time volunteer at local schools because of legal issues in his early 20s. Jefferson County Public Schools is one of many districts that ban anyone with a felony offense from participating full-time.

Sen. Rand Paul Discusses Schools’ Rejection of Parent Volunteers

For the parent-supporter Paul, he had a sensible answer. As WFPL News reported:

Paul says those who’ve committed certain crimes but served their time need to have a way back into society. There’re some people who aren’t going to be forgiven for some violent crimes, you’re just not going to be allowed around kids,’ Paul said. ‘But for non-violent crimes and youthful mistakes and indiscretions, I think there needs to be a way to work yourself back into society.

The report went on to say that during the 2010 school year, more than 1,000 applicants were rejected because of the district’s ban. Paul expanded, saying non-violent crimes were “putting people into a cycle where some don’t ever get to vote, like the old Jim Crow. Some don’t ever get a job because they’ve got a record. Then they fall behind on child support. Then they’re a felon again.”

Gardner, by the way, is the founder of 2Not1, a Louisville-based organization that promotes the importance of fatherhood in a strong family. It has a lofty mission statement:

Educate low income individuals and communities on the subject of fatherhood and the barriers that impede the successful interaction of father and child; Enhance and safeguard the interests of children and to protect and improve their relationships with their fathers and other significant males in their lives, within and outside the family; Generate a pool of positive male role models to mentor other youth and fathers that can benefit from the support.

What are your feelings about schools rejecting volunteers because of previous offenses? Let us know in the comments below.



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