Rand Challenges Obama’s ‘Moral Authority’ in the Wake of IRS Scandal

Rand Challenges Obama’s ‘Moral Authority’ in the Wake of IRS Scandal

In the wake of a seemingly never-ending blitz of Obama scandals (Benghazi coverup, IRS harassment of conservative groups, unconstitutional NSA spying, and questionable intrusions into the ‘freedom of the press’, to name several), Sen. Paul contends that the President has forfeited his moral authority to lead this nation during the IRS scandal, according to Mediaite.

Sen. Rand Paul On IRS Scandal: Obama Is ‘Losing The Moral Authority To Lead This Nation’

“The constellation of these three scandals ongoing really takes away from the President’s moral authority to lead this nation,” Paul said. “Nobody questions his legal authority, but I think he’s really losing the moral authority.”

“I think there needs to be a speedy resolution [to the IRS scandal],” Paul said. … Well, the investigation’s been going on over a year now, so I would think it wouldn’t take very long. …[If] no one is fired over this, I really think it’s gonna be trouble for him trying to lead in the next four years.”

“…The main woman from the IRS that’s involved has taken the Fifth Amendment—she’s no longer cooperating, so I have called for her suspension. The President did respond to that and he has suspended her, however he’s still paying her and I don’t want that to go on forever.”

While conceding that the President may have the legal authority to do what he’s doing, Paul presents a persuasive case that he has lost his moral authority. President Obama is fundamentally transforming America like he promised, but who wants this government-driven “transformation”? America needs checks and balances to defend against unbridled power. Here is Senator Paul playing government watchdog as a reminder that the government doesn’t have free range to do what it pleases. And he presents it not as mere partisan sniping, but as something that should alarm everyone – Republican or Democrat. And he has a point.

What are your thoughts on the IRS scandal? Do you agree or disagree with Paul’s comments on Obama’s ‘moral authority’? Let us know below.

WATCH PAUL SPEAK on ABC This Week, via Mediaite
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