President Eisenhower’s Yardstick: Following ‘An Irrational Offense’

President Eisenhower’s Yardstick: Following ‘An Irrational Offense’

His worldview has been dubbed “dangerous” by Gov. Christie, but what does sending foreign aid to countries that burn the American flag sound like? Sen. Rand Paul spoke at The Citadel in November about what the USNews suggests might be “Paul’s first major foreign policy speech of his yet to be announced presidential campaign.” Essentially, the U.S. needs to stop participating in what he calls “an irrational offense.”

“The first and primary function of our government is a strong national defense,” states Paul during his speech at The Citadel. “But so much of what Washington does today is more like an irrational offense. How does sending foreign aid to Egypt, Syria and Pakistan help our national security? Does it make it more probable that we might get drawn into further conflicts in the future?”

“In Egypt and Pakistan, they riot and burn our flag. I say not one penny more to any nation that burns our flag.”

“…America has never backed down from a fight-but we should never be a nation that is eager to get involved in nations’ conflicts that work against our own national security.”

He has continuously raised important questions about the current state of our national security goals but will his questioning of the military budget in his proposed “Audit of the Pentagon” put some of his fellow Republicans on edge?

The USNews reports that “the military budget has always been a sacred cow, especially within the Republican Party. But Paul believes public opinion among conservatives is changing on that front, in the wake of two costly, prolonged wars and the country’s mounting debt crisis.”

“Defense is the most important thing we do, it is a primary constitutional function of the government, but that doesn’t mean a blank check,” Paul said.

Despite his criticisms of Obama’s “irrational offense” and military spending, according to David Catanese of USNews, Paul’s goal for his Citadel speech was to reaffirm his support for the military, but also make “the case for a more prudent approach to global affairs that keeps soldiers out of conflicts that are not in the vital national interest.”

Rand’s worldview could easily be summed up by his usage of this quote from President Eisenhower:  “I have one yardstick by which I test every major problem – and that yardstick is: Is it good for America?”

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WATCH: Rand Paul’s Full Speech to Cadets at The Citadel (24:24)
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