POLITICO on Rand Paul: He’s Been A Presidential Contender Since The Beginning

POLITICO on Rand Paul: He’s Been A Presidential Contender Since The Beginning

It’s as if we’re mere seconds away from Rand Paul’s announcement, but there are still hours left to go. For others, it feels like Rand has always been a presidential contender, way before the news slipped that April 7th was the day, even before he was a Senator, all the way back to when his name was first printed on a ballot.

Kentuckian political reporter who has been following the presidential contender since 2013 writes on Politico that:

Paul’s ascent from Bowling Green ophthalmologist to the U.S. Senate and national Tea Party standard-bearer has been rapid, his time on the national stage so brief that it seems as if he’s been talked about as a presidential contender since the first moment he appeared on the ballot in 2010. He’s regularly won early-faithful popularity contests like the Conservative Political Action Conference straw poll and made a name for himself with his fierce attacks on the Obama administration.

Tuesday’s announcement, just hours away now, seems a natural next step, and it has Kentucky Republicans “giddy” about seeing their friend take his place on the biggest stage in politics. For many, it has been a long time coming.

Of course, the elections in 2016 are still months away and, ultimately, “nobody knows what’s going to happen” as one Daily Caller writer tries to remind us. But it’s been 171 years since a man from Kentucky was a serious presidential contender, according to Politico. Now we’re hours, minutes, seconds away from a future President that we can proudly stand behind. Are you excited? Send us a tweet or leave a comment on Facebook.

(Photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0)


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