Planned Parenthood Is Not Getting Away With It!

Planned Parenthood Is Not Getting Away With It!

It sounds like something from a bad horror or sci-fi flick, but nonprofit Planned Parenthood has been accused of selling aborted fetuses and even talking about it on video!

Of course, presidential hopeful Rand Paul and 34 fellow Republican senators wrote to the Department of Health and Human Services, demanding that the HHS looks into the matter involving Planned Parenthood and to check if the nonprofit is following Federal laws.

Last Tuesday, Senator Paul and the other signees finally received the response that they were hoping for from the HHS. In it, the Department’s Inspector General Daniel R. Levinson pledged to open an investigation regarding the compliance of the organization’s grantees, of which Planned Parenthood is one, with fetal tissue regulations.

Senator Paul issued the following statement regarding HHS’s investigation:

“I am encouraged to see the inspector general take action to investigate Planned Parenthood’s unconscionable practices. Planned Parenthood selling body parts of the unborn demonstrates that the organization deserves not one penny more of our taxpayer dollars, and I am confident this investigation will give further proof of that.”

Why the Federal Government Shouldn’t Be Funding Groups Like Planned Parenthood

This isn’t just a case of one organization getting Federal grants (read: taxpayer money) to do something as abhorrent as profiteering from a completely inhumane practice like selling fetuses. The whole issue goes much deeper and is a prime example of why the Federal government should not be dealing with private groups in this way.

Instead, since it is essentially funded by the Feds, Planned Parenthood and many more organizations like it are basically protected, as anyone planning to investigate them has to go through a bunch of hurdles.

For Paul, however, the issue goes deeper, as he is a staunch opponent of abortion and has on numerous occasions said that he is “100% pro life” and believes abortion to be “taking the life of an innocent human being”.

Will the HHS’s audit be successful in making sure Planned Parenthood is following Federal laws? Also, is Paul right to demand that the Federal government leave financing nonprofits in the hands of individual states? We’re looking forward to your comments here, on Facebook, and on Twitter.

(Photo courtesy of William Murphy, Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0)



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