‘Can A Civilization Long Endure That Doesn’t Respect Life?’ Asks Paul

‘Can A Civilization Long Endure That Doesn’t Respect Life?’ Asks Paul

When Rand Paul stood before the Senate on Monday to gather support for defunding Planned Parenthood, he posed a simple but meaningful question: “Can a civilization long endure that doesn’t respect life?” But since the bill didn’t get enough votes (it lacked six!), maybe he should’ve asked how long a government can last if it doesn’t respect life.

How long can such a government last? The Planned Parenthood debate is about more than ending funds to the biggest abortion provider. It is about respecting life in more ways than one; it is about protecting the lives of the unborn, along with the lives and moral agency of medical employees and taxpayers.

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During a time in which the federal deficit is still a concern, should we really be funding an organization with questionable practices? A Planned Parenthood shutdown would mean redistributing $500 million dollars to other healthcare centers. Supporters of the legislation say that the money could be disbursed to other organizations who offer all the same services as Planned Parenthood, minus the abortions.

Regardless of what is chosen though, the movement for a Planned Parenthood shutdown will no doubt likely continue. All one has to do is look up the hashtag #WomenBetrayed to notice that there is a lot more to be said. Share your thoughts regarding the Planned Parenthood debate with us below or on Facebook.

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