Plagiarism? It’s Almost a ‘Compliment’

Plagiarism? It’s Almost a ‘Compliment’

Plagiarism? Is that all they got? It’s almost a “compliment” according to Mike Huckabee. If that’s the worst thing that they can get dig up about Rand Paul then he’s definitely the guy to follow. As Huckabee notes to Sen. Paul, “it’s just an indication that somebody is afraid of what you’re saying[.]”

You know, I would almost take it as a compliment because if the only thing they can come after you for, Senator, is that you’ve referenced some things in pop culture and you didn’t spend 23 of your 25 minutes giving the detailed bibliography, then you’ve done what every other public speaker I know would do and that is that you go for the content… (Politico)

And not everyone is upset over this — like Dan Stewart. Surprised? Two of his paragraphs were used, without credit, unfortunately, in a Washington Times op-ed by Paul but he’s flattered, not angry about the situation. Ultimately, all this unnecessary media attention about “plagiarism” is bringing more attention to Stewart’s original article and the issues surrounding mandatory sentencing laws.

Exactly! Does the general public really need to know that the Gattaca reference in one of Paul’s speeches came from Wikipedia? Yes, a faux pas was made but can we get back to more important issues?

That’s not to say that Sen. Paul is taking the accusations lightly. He’s accepted responsibility for all the mistakes made:

As Paul says: “We aren’t perfect and we have made errors of omission, but we never intended to mislead anybody.” (National Review)

So will this whole plagiarism fiasco affect 2016? Probably not.

According to PolicyMic, these allegations won’t have any impact on a presidential run in 2016, that is if anyone even remembers. Does anyone remember Obama’s plagiarism scandal, the current president of the United States’?

“Both Joe Biden and Barack Obama have had plagiarism “scandals.” Biden seems to have recovered just fine in his political career after his Middle East policy scandal. President Obama was also accused of plagiarizing a speech he gave in 2009, when it was found remarkably similar to a speech by Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick from 2006. These accused plagiarizers now hold two of the top leadership positions in the world, and their plagiarism allegations seem to be forgotten.

…Kentucky Republicans are already shrugging off the allegations and stating that they most likely won’t affect Paul’s 2016 chances.

…Tea Party leaders are still standing behind him: “I think everybody does it, whether it’s in a speech or answering the questions of a reporter,” said Larry Robinson, Northern Kentucky Tea Party president, adding, “Everybody is making big deals out of little deals.”

If it’s not impacting opinions now, a couple of years in the future it most likely won’t be impacting voters then either. (PolicyMic)

What are your thoughts on all of this? Do you think all this media attention was warranted? Comment and tell us what you think.



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