Paul’s Wife and Mother Open Up About Rand’s Political Future

Paul’s Wife and Mother Open Up About Rand’s Political Future

A run for the presidency isn’t just about the candidate – it requires some sacrifice and support from the family as well.

One of the hot potential Republican nominees, Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, got some advice from two of the leading ladies in his life: His wife, Kelley, and his mother, Carol.

First up, the mother, who set some expectations for a presidential run announcement (a possibility the media continues to push despite an election being three years away).

As the folks at CBS News write, his mother Carol says not to expect an announcement any time soon.

“’Ron thinks it’s terribly early to be starting a campaign,’ she told the magazine. She did admit that the idea of her son jumping into the presidential fray ‘feels real,’ but adds that ‘Rand says he won’t declare that he’s going to run until after 2014…Groundwork has to be set.’”

As for Paul’s wife, Kelley – she’s a bit reticent when it comes to a presidential run. It’s a big deal, and that comes with a lot of potential negative repercussions, especially for the families involved. She’s not convinced that her husband running for an even more prominent position in the U.S. government is a good thing.

‘Because in this day and age it’s mostly about character assassination,’ she told Vogue. ‘When I think of the tens of millions of dollars in opposition research that they’d be aiming right at us and our family–that’s what it’s about.’”

In many interviews, Paul has said he is still mulling over whether to run for president in 2016, citing numerous times how far away that election is as one reason not to decide yet. But he continues to shine as one of the stars of U.S. politics, leading the way on a number of issues – privacy rights, gun rights, foreign policy, and more – and generating buzz that few of his colleagues seem able to match at this point.

If he does choose to run though, he might have to convince more than just the American people. It’s the old saying: Happy wife, happy life.

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