Rand’s Vacation Lands Him in the Hospital

Rand’s Vacation Lands Him in the Hospital

Want to know how a guy like Rand Paul spends his vacation?

Check out this article by Katrina Trinko on the National Review and you’ll get a pretty good idea.

Doctor Paul

“[Cynthia] Burke is one of four patients that Paul performs pro bono eye surgery on today. In recent years, Paul has done between 10 and 15 eye surgeries a year for free. ‘I’ve always done some since I’ve been in practice,’ he recounts. In 1995, Paul founded the Southern Kentucky Lions Eye Clinic, which provided free eye care for low-income people, ‘because I wanted to be able to give back to the community.’ He did free operations for locals and also for children who had come all the way from Guatemala.

Paul estimates he has done over a hundred pro bono surgeries over the years. In the health-care debate, he remarks, it was overlooked how many doctors already perform free surgeries for those in need. Performing surgery pro bono, Paul insists, ‘is not unusual for physicians.’”

That’s correct, Senator-slash-ophthalmologist Paul spent his vacation giving free eye surgery to a handful of people who needed it. They didn’t need jobs; they didn’t need to vote for him; they didn’t need government-mandated health insurance. All they needed was a person who made an individual choice to give back to the community, back to people who needed some help.

Paul has been an ophthalmologist since 1993. He went to Baylor University as an undergrad, then left early to attend Duke University School of Medicine, where he earned an M.D. Degree in 1988. He finished his residency in 1993, and began practicing in Bowling Green at that time, eventually opening his own clinic.

As the article notes, Paul’s work in the private medical field has informed a number of his opinions, including a strong belief in increasing price competition. He cited the decreasing cost of lasik eye surgery and contact lenses as two products whose costs have decreased thanks to other private entities being able to offer them at lower prices, driving cost down for consumers as everyone tries to stay competitive.

As the back-and-forth debate over health care, Obamacare, private vs. public (and anything else you’d like to throw in there) continues, one of Paul’s recent surgery recipients, probably summed it up best:

“’God,’ [patient Judy] Prince then declares, ‘has given sight to the blind.’ Her newfound range of sight amazes her: ‘I haven’t been able to look to that side and see anybody in forever,’ she tells me.

Before the surgery, Prince had observed, ‘If he gets to be president, you know, I can say the president gave me back my sight.’ But her thoughts quickly shifted past 2016. ‘I just think it’s a wonderful thing he’s doing,’ she said of Paul. ‘He’s doing this strictly because he loves people, I guess. He cares about people.’”

That’s a lesson just about everybody should remember to keep in mind: Do things simply because you care about people.



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