Paul’s Suing Obama — Who’s in?

Paul’s Suing Obama — Who’s in?

Rand Paul is bringing a class-action suit that involves possibly all of America suing Obama. It already sounds irresistible, doesn’t it? Or maybe it sounds outrageous to you. If that’s the case, what about the NSA using ONE warrant as an excuse to invade the privacy of millions of Americans? What about a secret court that gets to decide what is or isn’t constitutional and that overlooks abuses by the NSA in the name of ‘national security’?

“We want them to understand that we’re not willing to trade our liberty for security, that we think we can have security, that we can defend against terrorism, but that doesn’t mean that every individual American has to give up their privacy,” Paul told Eric Bolling on Hannity.

Keep in mind that the mass surveillance by our government is still happening even in light of these abuses. Once again, the NSA’s mass surveillance program has been renewed by the FISA court, despite the fact that little evidence has been brought forth of it actually preventing terrorism.

The NSA spying on people doesn’t just affect a few hundred, this affects everyone. It’s that extensive that even if you own a cell phone(and let’s be real, who doesn’t have one?), you can participate in Paul’s lawsuit by signing up here. When a government program has the power to affect that many people while running unchecked, it’s time to step up.

This is especially important when you look at the ongoing conflicts about the legality of the NSA:

[This] class action suit from Sen. Paul against the president comes on the heels of two different conflicting court rulings in individual suits against the NSA, with one court ruling that the NSA was within its bounds to spy on Americans shortly after a different court ruled the NSA’s actions were unconstitutional. (Breitbart)

It’s crucial more than ever that we make it clear that this is unconstitutional and that the government is operating outside of its bounds. Stand up for your rights…or lose them.

WATCH: Rand Paul Talk About Suing Obama
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