Paul’s Straight Talk on Syria with Van Susteren

Paul’s Straight Talk on Syria with Van Susteren

“I think diplomacy, if possible, is always better than going to war.”

That was Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul on FOX News’ “On the Record with Greta Van Susteren” this week, reacting to the recent news of Russia supporting a plan that would disarm Syria without military intervention.

That plan, which Syria accepted, would see Syria giving its stockpile of chemical weapons to the international community, without any needs for military strikes from the United States.

Paul called the proposal “a step in the right direction,” and said he agrees with U.S. Sen. Harry Reid’s decision to postpone a Congressional vote, that would decide whether to engage the U.S. military in the Syrian civil war.

Van Susteren asked Paul whether delaying a vote longer would remove pressure from Syria to act constructively.

“I think that the pressure is out there,” Paul said. “In fact, this is really an argument why we shouldn’t have rushed to do this bombing three weeks ago, because now we actually are giving diplomacy a chance.”

Paul also gave us an inside look at how China and Russia affects the final decision. If all three countries – the U.S., China, and Russia – can work together, it will help with bringing prosperity to the Middle East, Paul said. And the world.

“[We should be] trying convince Russia and China that our trade to them is so important, and the benefits of being our friend is probably greater than the benefits of supporting a guy who’s using chemical weapons…We force Russia to feel like they’re being told what to do by a superpower, I think they feel boxed in to voting against us.”

At least things domestically are starting to swing in Paul’s favor. His constant push back against the Obama administration and rubber stampers in Congress has turned into solid anti-war support, from both sides of the aisle.

“The longer the debate goes on, I’m really pleasantly surprised that more and more Republicans are coming out against this, and more and more Democrats…There’s always bipartisan consensus, I think, to be overly-aggressive around the world. It’d be nice for a change to have a bipartisan consensus that shows a little bit of restraint.”

Paul also touches on his letter to colleagues, urging them to vote no; the “showboating” in Congress that is keeping anything from getting accomplished; what he thinks of approving “limited” strikes; and plenty more. You can watch the video, embedded below.

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