Paul’s Campaign Not Down For The Count Yet

Paul’s Campaign Not Down For The Count Yet

Despite Paul’s campaign showing low polling numbers, Paul has reaffirmed he is still in the race to win.

Paul’s campaign was also quick to dismiss polling numbers as they’ve often been inaccurate in the past.

Paul himself noted their limited usefulness, saying that observers will begin, “discounting the pollsters who I think have no clue as to what’s going on in America. I think we’ve all let the polls consume us too much.” (McClatchyDC)

Paul stated that he is in the race to win and expects to surprise critics who think his campaign stands little chance of winning. He did concede he’d have to reconsider staying in the race if he were to lose in early primaries. However, since no voting has actually occurred, there is no reason to doubt the strength of his campaign yet.

There is also a matter of why Paul is running. Paul is running on an ideological platform: small government, individual liberty and responsible spending. These ideals are non-negotiable for Paul and every day his campaign is in the race, it is a platform to get that important message out.

Steven Voss, political science professor at University of Kentucky, pointed out:

“Not every politician is out there to win. Sometimes they are out there to spread a message that they believe in, and the Paul family seems to fit that description. . . Rand Paul’s claim to fame was always being the Republican that was outside of the box.” (WFPL News)

So, Paul has every reason to run right now and no reason to stop. Doing so is a platform for his message. He is also running for senate with practically no serious competition this time. So, he doesn’t need to split his time between campaigns. It’s also worth noting that while he may not win this election, it does give him exposure which could come in handy if he chooses to run next time.

Dewey Clayton, professor at the University of Louisville, agreed stating:

“I think he is comporting himself quite well considering where he is in the polls. . . I think that message that he is putting forward might continue to resonate, and I think he might start trying to set a good foundation for a future run.” (WFPL News)

While many have fallen out of the race, Paul’s campaign is still soldiering on. Support for Paul is more crucial now than ever before. Show us your support on Twitter and Facebook.

Written by Mark Davis

(Photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore, Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0)



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