Paul Worries About The Safety Of His Children In Gun Free Zones

Paul Worries About The Safety Of His Children In Gun Free Zones

How do you stop a deranged criminal from entering a public school or a similar “gun free zone” and shooting people? An answer to this, said Sen. Rand Paul during the recent National Rifle Association’s Louisville convention, is to eliminate such zones.

Rand Paul, who is preparing for a one-on-one match-up with Lexington Mayor Jim Gray for the senate seat in Kentucky, put his foot forward in support of doing away with gun free zones.

Introduced as a “voice for liberty”, Paul took the stage at the Kentucky Exposition Center’s Freedom Hall to say:

“Look, I’ve got children. I can’t imagine one of my kids being killed at school by a deranged killer. But, as a physician, I was trained to solve problems, to get beyond emotions and find answers. I think one way to try to avoid these senseless killings would be to announce, once and for all time, that no school, no movie-theater, no supermarket in America will be left defenseless.” (Education Week)

The Police Are Often Not “Just a 911 Call Away”

The best way to make certain schools and other public places in the U.S. are safe is to ensure they are not defenseless. Especially when the police are not a 911 call away, as Sheriff David Clarke Jr. said during his NRA speech. Kimberly Corban experienced this firsthand in her college campus room.

“This brave woman voluntarily shares the story of her horrific event so that other women do not have to experience what she did,” said Clarke. “She found out when seconds mattered, the police were not a 911 call away. She also learned that the only person safe in a gun-free zone — like a college campus — is the criminal. She knows that law-abiding people have been disarmed in these gun-free zones by their government.” (Breitbart)

Protecting 2nd Amendment Protects The American Way of Life

Paul wasn’t the only Kentuckian to speak at the NRA convention. Joining him was fellow Republican Governor Matt Bevin, who spoke about the need to defend the Second Amendment and what it represents to the American way of life.

Gov. Bevin, who has a concealed-carry permit himself, urged the gathered to stand in the defense of the Second Amendment, saying:

“This is not something that should be taken lightly. This is not a game. I hope you understand that. We are under assault from regulation and liberal ideology and we are the ones that have to stand in the gap. This is our time.” (Louisville Business First)


Are gun free zones jeopardizing the safety of our children and ourselves? Tell us what you think in the comments below and don’t forget to visit our Facebook and Twitter pages for more news about Rand Paul.

(Photo courtesy of Richard Elzey, Flickr CC BY 2.0)



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