Paul Warned Us! Senate Passes Flawed Cyber Security Bill

Paul Warned Us! Senate Passes Flawed Cyber Security Bill

It’s hard to argue against cyber security, indeed cyberspace is the new battleground of the 21st Century, where data and information become weapons, and the secrets of governments and private citizens can be pried into by unfriendly nations and entities.

This means cyber security is something very important, but the recent Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (CISA) bill passed in the Senate is feel-good legislation disguised as government intrusion into the private lives and activities of Americans.

Rand Paul, having discerned the rotten nature of this bill introduced an amendment that would hold companies liable for certain types of data disclosure, and predictably the big government goons in the Senate shot it down. Maintaining that the bill “weakens privacy,” Senator Paul fought to strip language that gave companies legal immunity for violating their privacy agreements with end users.

But, because it is fashionable (even demanded) to overlook the Constitution and Americans’ privacy in the vague and nebulous name of “security” we now see the U.S. Senate about to gleefully give government massive surveillance and observation powers with little or no oversight in the name of fighting a virtual cold war.

Rand Paul is not alone in objecting to this assault on civil liberties. Major tech players like Google, Apple, and Symantec strongly oppose legislation that allows companies to happily hand over user data to the government with no repercussions. Cybersecurity is a complex issue and something many Americans only have a passing knowledge on, and this public ignorance and the fear of cybercrime this magnifies, is allowing the Feds to run amok in the virtual world, supposedly for our security , but all the while gaining disturbing access to our private information and online activities.

Rand Paul tried to stop this in its tracks, but was defeated by the unamerican big government crowd that holds the Senate. Cybersecurity is important, but civil rights are far, far more important than a little bit of extra security. We are living in a world now where big government wants to watch everything you do but is disguising it as voluntary or benign acts. After all, we can trust our government to do the right thing? Right? Rand Paul continues to champion civil rights when few others will do so, and we must support him, and those who support his crusade for liberty. Is cyber security more important than cyber freedom? Tell us on Facebook and Twitter. (But be careful, Big Brother might be watching!)

Written by Steve Coffman; Edited by Staff

(Photo illustration courtesy of EFF Photos, Flickr CC BY 2.0)



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