Paul Tired of Flushing Bad Toilets

Paul Tired of Flushing Bad Toilets

Rand Paul has a problem with his toilets. They don’t work well, and you know why? Because the federal government has restrictions on how plumbing has to work.

Yes, the feds can tell you how to flush the toilet in your master bedroom. In fact, they currently do, and have been telling you for the last two decades.

Paul addressed this in 2011, during an Energy Committee hearing on consumer choice.

“’It will cost thousands of dollars to go back and add some kind of jet stream to the toilets in my [house],” Paul said at the time. “We don’t even save money. We flush them 10 times. They don’t work.”

At one point, he added that he’s been waiting to talk about how bad the toilets were for two decades.

Here’s the video from that hearing if you’d like to watch:

Anyway, Paul is now in position to try to do something about it. So in September of 2013, he offered an amendment to an upcoming energy bill that would eliminate the federal regulation of plumbing supplies, which resulted in a limit to the amount of water that can be used to flush a toilet (established in 1992 with the Energy Policy Act).

Why is Paul so against these efficiency regulations (besides the beef with his home toilet, of course)? There’s a bigger issue at play here.

As Nick Juliano of E&E Publishing writes:

“He frames his opposition to efficiency rules as a matter of personal choice in an area he thinks the government should not be involved in. At the 2011 hearing, Paul said it was hypocritical for Democrats to typically define themselves as ‘pro-choice’ on issues related to abortion rights while also supporting rules that he said restricted the types of toilets or light bulbs consumers could buy.

Paul is no longer a member of the Energy Committee, but he was a consistent vote against efficiency bills that came before the panel in the 112th Congress.”

Once again: Freedom drives Paul’s views on an issue. Even ones as seemingly trivial as toilet regulations.

The amendment isn’t likely to get passed, or even allowed to be brought up for a vote. But hey, Paul’s doing what he can. We’ll see where the amendment goes.



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