Paul Tempts Christie With Twinkies

Paul Tempts Christie With Twinkies

Hey, let’s settle our differences over fried twinkies! Christie turned down a beer with Paul, but will he be able to resist a twinkie?

When Chris Christie and Rand Paul sparred over the NSA’s wiretapping program, Paul suggested they patch things up over a beer. Christie declined, and now the Kentucky senator is extending another olive branch. Sort of.

Asked by a Des Moines radio host [Simon Conway] if he would appear on the show with the New Jersey governor, Paul agreed. “If there’s a State Fair, we could go for a fried Twinkie,” he said. (National Review Online)

Not that Christie will want to be discussing Twinkies on the air any time soon:

Christie, who is well-known for struggles with his weight, laughed off a question last year about reports that Hostess would cease producing the popular cream-filled pastry.

“You think you’re getting me behind this microphone having me talk about Twinkies?” Christie said with a smile. “This is a set-up, man. I know it. You people are the worst. This is a set-up. I am not answering questions on Twinkies.” (Washington Post)

That’s okay. You shouldn’t talk while eating anyhow.

The feud between Christie and Paul heated up earlier this month regarding a certain person appearing in television ads paid for with Hurricane Sandy federal relief funds. No names were mentioned but New Jersey certainly was.

On an additional note, Paul thinks Christie makes a great “moderate”…..

 Sen. Rand Paul labeled New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie a “moderate”, hours after the governor described himself as a “conservative.” (CNN)

I doubt they’re going to reach any sort of resolution, not even with a seductive twinkie, but at least Paul is trying to keep things light.

Photograph courtesy of Christian Cable, via Flickr Creative Commons


Listen to Rand Paul Tempt Christie With Twinkies on Simon Conway’s Show
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