Paul Teams With Freedom Caucus For Debt Ceiling Fight

Paul Teams With Freedom Caucus For Debt Ceiling Fight

Once again we enter into the traditional Washington song and dance of raising the debt ceiling. A peculiar dance, one shaped by the odd appetites of government to constantly keep spending with seeming reckless abandon. While Democratic candidates are arguing over the best ways to spend even more money in the name of noble, yet poorly thought out ideas that are sure to garner them votes, the Freedom Caucus which seeks to hold the government accountable for its ways has a better idea.

Rand Paul and his fellow fiscal reformers are not giving in to the virtual hostage taking that is the debt ceiling. It seems every few years we bump up against it, and every few years there is a fight to raise it even higher, yet there is no real serious reform and a true, balanced and solid budget is never presented.

Already we are seeing tremors on Wall Street and government as it argues over how to borrow more money instead of addressing WHY they are constantly borrowing more money. Of course Rand Paul has ideas, much better ideas in fact. He wants accountability, he wants reform, he wants true fiscal progress and responsibility, and he wants them now.

Speaking for the Freedom Caucus, Rep. Jordan of Ohio has stated that “legislation to raise the debt ceiling should include reforms that begin the long process of reigning in our out of control spending.”

He’s right of course, which is why Senator Paul has called for “significant reform” and accused the government of being “drunk on spending”.

As we are entering a major election cycle, both parties have reason to try and push their fiscal views, and we can hope that the Freedom Caucus will bring level headed thinking to the table, where previously both parties engaged in a fight to prove who was more stubborn. For once we have an element in Congress that isn’t interested in waving their respective party penises around to see whose is bigger, but rather demands significant reform and has the clout to make themselves heard.

Rand Paul wants reform to go with a debt ceiling hike. His old fashioned, simple honest fiscal values of responsibility, reason and respect for the Constitution and American taxpayer are seemingly out of place in today’s twisted two party system. But more and more those values are being demanded by Americans of all stripes who will not settle for more of business as usual. Is now the time to push fiscal reform? Is the iron hot enough to strike and change how Congress spends money? Tell us on Facebook and Twitter.

Written by Steve Coffman; Edited by Staff

(Photo courtesy of Neubie, Flickr CC BY 2.0)



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