Paul Talks Taxes, Millennials and Hillary With Sarah Palin

Paul Talks Taxes, Millennials and Hillary With Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin, much like Rand Paul, has been targeted, by the Left and moderate Right, for her conservative beliefs. In a recent On Point interview, she sought to understand Paul’s positions on several crucial issues.

The fact that the two agree on many campaign issues should be no surprise to anyone. The On Point interview below focused on Paul’s individual and corporate tax plan, his views on young voters, how Hillary Clinton has fallen as a candidate and how Paul’s views mesh with those of Alaskans.

WATCH: Sarah Palin Interviews Rand Paul

We’re Doing Something Different When It Comes To Taxes

Palin questioned him about why he thinks the current tax system is broken. In his response, he said:

“One of the reasons that jobs are fleeing our country or being chased out is the tax code. We actually have American companies that incorporate overseas because we have the highest corporate tax in the world. Ours is 35%, and Canada’s is only 15%. Much of Europe is less than us.”

He stated that his tax plan is a flat 14.5% for both businesses and individuals which will put more money in the pockets of working Americans. Not only will a simple tax on consumption provide relief to individuals, but there will be no payroll tax. About this, he says:

“One of the things we did that nobody else has ever done is that we got rid of payroll tax. The payroll tax would come out of the business tax.”

Basically, Paul’s tax code changes would raise sufficient revenue for the government while allowing every American to keep more of what they earn.

‘Young People Fight Our Wars’

The interview moved from the tax code to why young voters seem to make up a large part of Rand Paul’s constituency. His first response was that:

“They instinctively understand that they want to be left alone and so I think privacy and my fight against the NSA is what attracts young people to my candidacy.”

But he also acknowledged that “young people fight our wars” so they want someone who thinks before sending them off to fight a war.

No One Wants A Commander-in-Chief With A Bad Track Record

Since Hillary Clinton is presently the Democrat frontrunner for the presidential nomination, Palin asked Paul what he thought of her ability to lead. He responded:

“I think that the emails and Benghazi showed such poor judgment that I don’t think in the end people are going to want to have a Commander-in-Chief that’s already had such a bad track record.”

He believes that Clinton’s lack of transparency and her previous record will hurt her with potential voters.

A Final Word For Alaskan Voters

Finally, Palin asked Mr. Paul what he had to say to Alaskan voters. He discussed why people in Alaska have issues with imminent domain and how he would ramp up energy exploration during his presidency. He also mentioned that since the EPA is “calling everything a wetland”, he would look into their policies.

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