Paul Talks Syria, Impeachment, Obamacare with Hannity

Paul Talks Syria, Impeachment, Obamacare with Hannity

Sen. Rand Paul continued his public push against taking military action in Syria, telling FOX News host Sean Hannity on Thursday that he “would do everything [he] can” to avoid going to war.

Said Paul:

“The American people are not excited about a new war. We are horrified by it, people gassing their own citizens. We would like to know who did it. Which side did it but we are not excited to get involved in a new war right now. And so, I would do everything I can to stop the president and we should not engage in a war and we certainly shouldn’t engage in it in an unconstitutional fashion.”

Paul’s statement was part of a wide-ranging conversation between he and Hannity that touched on impeachment, Obamacare, and the future of Syria. That latter topic is one Paul has talked about often recently. He has remained consistent in saying that, if the U.S. does get involved, whichever side ultimately “wins” the conflict wouldn’t necessarily end up being an ally to the United States. Hannity asked him about this on Thursday, too.

HANNITY: Yes. Would we — if in fact, the president does this, Dennis Kucinich said that we are going to be using the U.S. military to help support and back Al Qaeda. It seems the likely successor would be radical Islamists with Al Qaeda ties. Do you agree with that assessment?

PAUL: Yes. I mean, they say that Al Qaeda comprises about a third of the forces, that they are the fiercest fighters, and if Assad is toppled, in all likelihood, there will be a success of civil war and in all likelihood Al Qaeda may take over.

But the other question is, what if the other Islamic, the better, the moderate Islamic rebels take over. You will still probably have Sharia law, you’ll have Christians persecuted for blasphemy. There is a woman named Asia Bibi in Pakistan right now on death row, who they say committed blasphemy and all she says is ‘I drank out of the same cup as some of my Muslim workers.’

So, that is not the kind of thing I see that I want to send our young boys and girls to live and die for, to impose some sort of Islamic regime on Syria.”

Paul also reiterated his belief that the Obama administration should seek Congressional approval before involving the U.S. military – while also pointing out that Vice President Joe Biden, in 2007, suggested impeachment if a president went to war unilaterally.

And as Paul quipped, “he would preside over his own impeachment” at this point.

As for defunding Obamacare, which Hannity noted seems to have lost momentum with many Congressmen, Paul said he’s still fighting that cause as well.

PAUL:  I was elected to fight ObamaCare and I will do everything possible to stop ObamaCare. I have been in 40 cities in Kentucky in the last three weeks. I’ve been in several cities around the country in the last few weeks. Every location that I show up, people come up to me and say, stand up, we appreciate you standing up against the president when he is wrong, and also against his healthcare law, because it is going to be a disaster for our economy.”



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