Paul Seeks To Counter Obama’s Executive Action On Gun Control

Paul Seeks To Counter Obama’s Executive Action On Gun Control

On Monday, Paul took a stand against Obama’s abuse of executive action to enact unlawful gun control legislation.

It can now be considered a serial abuse of power as Obama once again sought to use executive action to work around Congress. To be fair, this argument isn’t even about whether gun control is needed. It is about whether the U.S. is run as a Constitutional democracy or a dictatorship.

As Paul simply stated:

“In the United States, we do not have a king, but we do have a Constitution. We also have the Second Amendment, and I will fight tooth and nail to protect it.” (The Hill)

That is the central issue. It isn’t what the subject is but how our country is designed to function. Laws are passed by Congress following debate from our elected representatives. No amount of executive tantrums are supposed to change that fact. Executive actions are not, by comparison, enshrined in the Constitution. It is just something presidents have used in the past to help execute their intended position’s responsibilities.

This is not so with Obama as he has again and again abused the intent of executive actions to pass legislation behind Congress’ back (in the best case) or in spite of them (in the worst). It is not only intolerable, it is illegal, and something we have bizarrely come to expect and accept from our commander in chief. Why is a mystery that baffles Paul as well.

“In fact, if Obama was planning infringement of the First Amendment, the media would be going crazy. But we should never let any president abbreviate any part of the Bill of Rights. No matter what amendment it is, we should never allow it to be abbreviated by executive order,” said Paul. (Breitbart)

In response to Obama’s repeated abuse of executive orders, Paul has been pushing since December his own legislation. The bill would limit executive actions to “advisory only”. In effect, this would formally place the jurisdiction of making laws back in the intended hands of Congress and remove the loophole Obama has been using to pass pseudo-legislation unilaterally.

Yet again, Obama is poised to supplant Constitutional law with the abuse of presidential executive action. Do you find this undermines the law of the land with presidential power abuses? If so, let us know on Twitter. In addition, follow us on Facebook to follow all matters of importance to Rand Paul.

Written by Mark Davis

(Photo courtesy of Andrew Aliferis, Flickr CC BY-ND 2.0)



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