Paul Says A No-Fly Zone Over Syria Could Cause A World War

Paul Says A No-Fly Zone Over Syria Could Cause A World War

Paul is breaking with both Democrats and the GOP alike in opposing a no-fly zone over Syria.

With the Russians and Iranians present in Iraq and Syria, Paul thinks a no-fly zone over Syria is beyond dumb – it’s dangerous.

As Paul recently told CNN when appearing on “The Lead”:

“This would be a no-fly zone in an air space where Russia’s already flying… It would be a recipe for disaster, probably a recipe for World War III. And I think it’s such a bad idea that it probably won’t happen. But we also have to look at where we are. You mentioned Iran, Iran is in Iraq. Russia is in Iraq, or flying over Iraq and flying over Syria.”

What are other politicians saying about the no-fly zone? As reported by the New York Times, out of all the presidential candidates, only Paul and Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders have stood up in opposition to the idea. As to the why of this, the answer depends on who we’re talking about.

For Hillary Clinton, it’s a matter of not looking weak in a primary against the GOP. After an extended air campaign under Obama in Syria, the U.S. has little to show in gains save for a steadily mounting bill. Clinton is trying to show she will be less hesitant and more aggressive in foreign policy for those who are fed up with Obama’s seemingly halted, reluctant approach.

For the GOP, the busy field of candidates for the presidency seem locked in a dangerous game of one-upsmanship for who can sound the most bellicose. During a live stream of his campaign in Iowa, Paul gave no quarter to Clinton or the other GOP rivals, blasting them all equally for the dangerous game they’re playing:

“Shouldn’t we at least talk about what idiots we have in the Republican Party running for president who want to have a red line and a no-fly zone in Syria…All of them beating their chest to see who is the most likely to get us involved in a war that really these people have been at war for a thousand years. You think somehow we’re going to solve their problems?” (RTT News)

Therein lies the root of the problem. It is not our approach to Syria, it is the fact that we’re there at all and expect to make a difference in the first place. Tribal animosities in the region are centuries old. Yet, somehow politicians feel they can launch missiles into Syria or threaten to shoot down aircraft and the country will magically become a budding democracy of tolerance and unity.

That goal is simply not realistic and no amount of speeches about American power will change that reality. What is happening in the region is unarguably horrible. But it is not America’s place to fix, nor is it in our self-interest. Yes, ISIS is there now and must be dealt with. But, we helped create the power vacuum within which they were allowed to flourish.

In a recent interview with Newsmax TV, Paul gave the harsh, but honest, assessment of what to do next and what our priorities should be:

“We determine what our American interests are and then we try to amplify those who are in favor of [them] … The Kurds, do amplify American interests. . . I would arm them and I would encourage them and I would help the Kurds.”

However, Paul says a no-fly zone over Syria is naive and risky and the worst of ideas. What are your thoughts? Let us know on Twitter. To keep up with all of Paul’s work for our country, follow us on Facebook.

Written by Mark Davis

(Photo courtesy of U.S. Navy/Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class D’Artanyan Ratle, Flickr Public Domain)



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