Paul Puts GOP Leader Discussion on Pause

Paul Puts GOP Leader Discussion on Pause

There are a lot of exciting, young bucks in the GOP stable right now. At the top of the list, you’ve got Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, along with Ted Cruz from Texas and Mike Lee of Utah.

Cruz took the spotlight in the days leading up to the implementation of Obamacare, staging a long anti-Obamacare filibuster – a similar move to what Paul did earlier in the year, when the Kentuckian took the floor for 13 hours in order to force the Obama administration into answering questions about domestic spying and drone usage.

Cruz’s recent display reheated discussion from outsiders about who might be the leader of the GOP, with some now speculating Cruz is at the top of the list. Paul, who himself is often labeled as a Republican leader, said that while Cruz’s tactics were admirable, proclaiming a leader right now – whoever it may be – is premature.

From Ashley Killough of CNN:

“Pressed on whether Cruz, a senator from Texas, could be considered a de facto leader of the GOP–as Family Research Council President Tony Perkins told CNN last week– Paul said that’s a title no one can claim quite yet.

‘We all have a little bit of ego, so I think most of us kind of think, ‘Oh, we’re one of the leaders.’ …But I don’t think any of us are ready to say, ‘Oh, my fellow senator, he’s my leader and I’d follow him off the edge of the cliff.’ There is no one leader, other than our official leadership that we have,” he told CNN chief political correspondent Candy Crowley.”

A lot of people have said similar things about Paul, however. He’s often been pointed to as one of the brightest young minds in the GOP, leading it away from the Republican Party views of old to a newer philosophy based on smaller government.

Paul is often cited as a 2016 Republican Presidential nominee contender – with Cruz’s name often thrown into the mix as well.

But Paul is taking the patient approach. No need to rush to judgment and claim someone is a leader just because…well, just because a media member asked you about it. Election determine leaders. And after 2016, positing that Paul might be the GOP leader may not be so presumptuous anymore…

Photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore, via Flickr Creative Commons



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