Paul ‘Proud’ to be a Republican

Paul ‘Proud’ to be a Republican

Rightfully or not, the mainstream media has picked up on an anti-conservative narrative. “A new poll shows that less people are in favor of the Republican Party than before,” 24-hour network news anchors read, over and over.

(What’s often not mentioned, by the way, is the fact that everyone’s approval rating in Congress is in a deep chasm).

But Rand Paul isn’t really worried about that, because he knows about the tradition of the Republican Party. He believes what he’s doing is right, and he’s proud to be a part of the Grand Old Party.

Paul was on with CNN host Candy Crowley one Sunday in October, and David Edwards of Raw Story picked this up, after Crowley asked Paul if he could ever see himself joining a different political party:

“’No, I’ve always been a Republican,” Paul pointed out, “and I’m one of those people who’s actually a real lover of the history of the Republican Party. Through the days of abolition through the days of civil rights, the Republican Party just has a really rich history…Can’t imagine being anything else.’”

This also begs a follow-up question: Even if Paul could imagine himself being part of a different party, what party would that be? It certainly wouldn’t be with the big-party Democrats, so it would have to be a new, third party of some sort.

That’s all hypothetical at this point anyway, since Paul made it pretty clear that he’s proud to be part of the GOP.

That comment comes despite Paul often taking flak from older Republican leaders for his new, fresher ways. Some of the established GOP Congressmen – like John McCain or Lindsey Graham – haven’t exactly been supportive of Paul and his fellow libertarian-minded colleagues, who took Congress by storm during the 2010 elections thanks to a wave of Tea Party support.

But either way, Paul’s with the GOP. And whether he always gets along with other Republicans isn’t the most important point. It’s whether he’s doing right by his constituents, and by his country.

That’s for you to judge.

Photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore, via Flickr Creative Commons



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