Paul, McConnell Go For a Strike Against Obamacare in Bowling Green

Paul, McConnell Go For a Strike Against Obamacare in Bowling Green

Kentucky Senators Rand Paul and Mitch McConnell took on the topic of health care and the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) with some of Bowling Green’s community health leaders in August.

Kentucky’s U.S. Senators Address Healthcare Reform in Bowling Green

The meeting, held at Greenview Hospital, gave attendees a chance to ask the two senators about how the upcoming changes with the Affordable Care Act will affect them, reported WBKO TV.

The prospect of defunding Obamacare – something Sen. Paul and others have frequently and openly discussed – also came up, with the junior senator saying a compromise might end up being the solution if simply defunding the program is not possible.

“Senator Paul made very clear that defunding the act may not be possible with a split Congress, but compromise is always a possibility.

‘The senate won’t agree then we should find a compromise. That compromise would be in conference committee but you won’t get to compromise if you don’t stake out your position of what you’re for. We should be for defunding Obamacare and we should pass that in the house.’ said Senator Paul.”

Sen. Paul also touched on recent alterations to the program, specifically President Obama delaying the employer mandate. Paul said he agreed with the move itself, but that the president did it “unconstitutionally” and added more fuel to the fire because of it.

“The president has already peeled back one of the major components of it. The employer mandate. He did that on his own, unconstitutionally, even though I agree with it…The president is not allowed to write law but he did anyway. Why don’t we take him at his word and since he’s already heading in the right direction, why don’t we delay the individual mandate. I think there’s a possibility that if we fought hard enough now, then that could actually happen.”

The two senators also took questions from the crowd, noted WBKO TV, with multiple people in the audience expressing concern because of the still-present uncertainty with Obamacare and its implementation.

Sen. Paul recently discussed his thoughts in Obamacare and the American health care system in general during an appearance on “The Daily Show” two weeks ago. To read more about his interview with temporary host John Oliver, click here.



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