Paul Has GOP of Old Shaking in Their Boots

Paul Has GOP of Old Shaking in Their Boots

Rand Paul has the old, hackneyed GOP establishment worried.

Worried about the young Kentucky senator’s popularity. Worried about his support, which is increasing. And worried about the next Republican presidential nomination.

Reports Robert Costa of National Review Online:

“As Paul, a Kentucky senator, plans for a 2016 presidential run, he is talking up his views on foreign policy, which, broadly speaking, include less intervention in foreign conflicts and a smaller military budget. But Paul’s positions and rapid ascent have alarmed many Republican hawks. Behind the scenes, they’re worried that he has a shot at the nomination.”

That would be quite the meteoric rise for Paul, who was elected in 2010 and is still in his first term ever in a political office (the closest he had gotten previously was giving speeches for his father, Ron Paul, in the turn-up to the 2008 election).

So how are the static GOP figures reacting? Well, with more of the same.

“Enter John Bolton. Bolton, a former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, is being encouraged by several leading conservative power brokers to consider a presidential bid. Bolton, who briefly considered running for president in 2012, hasn’t made up his mind. But sources tell me that he is moving closer to giving the idea serious consideration — serious enough to travel to Iowa and New Hampshire. Later this year and throughout 2014, the former Reagan and Bush official will begin an informal national tour. He’ll give speeches, huddle with GOP leaders, and push back against the party’s libertarian shift. He’ll make the case for a muscular foreign policy.”

What kind of strategy is this, really.  How well it’s carried the GOP in the last two elections. Plus this election go-round there might be a magnetic new force ready to pull the GOP in a fresh, increasingly-popular direction.

Nope, there’s certainly nobody like that around, so there’s no reason for the GOP to start getting worried about the 2016 presidential bid.



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