Paul Goes for Meaty Topics in Philly Interview

Paul Goes for Meaty Topics in Philly Interview

Dom Giordano over at 1210 WPHT in Philadelphia got the chance to interview Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul this week, and the two went right for the meaty topics (like a Philly cheesesteak). As reported by CBS Philly, Girodano started the interview by asking Paul about the most recent developments regarding Syria.

Paul said that his biggest worry is chemical weapons winding up in the hands of terrorists. Hence his reluctance to attack the country militarily, potentially destabilizing the entire region. That might make it easier for those weapons to reach the wrong people.

Those are all points that Paul has repeated numerous times in the last few weeks, as discussion about a potential U.S. military strike has heated up. But then they got into a less-discussed topic, one that Paul touched on very briefly but otherwise hasn’t spoken about much. The old-school hawkish GOP (like John McCain) with the new line of thinking (headed, arguably, by Paul himself).

‘For a long time, I think there’s been a bipartisan consensus in Washington…for a very aggressive, interventionist foreign policy,’ Sen. Paul said, saying that he thinks the opposite is now starting to form, with the push for less intervention and more Congressional authority over going to war. ‘I think there is a growing consensus…the public absolutely does not want to be involved in this.’”

Giordano also questioned Paul about the senator’s upcoming appearance in New Jersey. Paul will be there to support and campaign on behalf of Steve Lonegan, a senate candidate. Lonegan is running against Newark Mayor Corey Booker.

Who does Paul want to meet while he’s there? None other than T-Bone! T-Bone is a character created by Booker (or as Paul jokingly referred to him as, an “imaginary friend”). T-Bone, in Booker’s mind, is a reformed drug dealer, one of the main characters in the mayor’s stories.

Paul wondered whether T-Bone, an imaginary friend, meant more to Booker than the real people and problems of Newark and New Jersey. Booker certainly talks about T-Bone a lot.

Toward the end of the interview Dom gave Rand the opportunity to talk about School Choice, a program dear to Rand but lacking the luster to draw the media’s coverage.

“We need to start reforming our schools because we’re leaving entire generations of kids, primarily poor black and brown kids, we’re leaving them behind because we’re resigning them to crummy schools”

said Rand. Look for him to continue to grow a voice for charter schools and school choice. “Good education is the only way to get out of poverty” claims Rand who believes the Republican Party will be the party to bring good education “because the Democrats are opposed to school choice on every front.”



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