Paul Fires up Crowd at Defund Obamacare Rally

Paul Fires up Crowd at Defund Obamacare Rally

Rand Paul sure knows how to get a crowd excited, and he proved as much at the ‘Exempt America’ rally in Washington D.C. this week to defund Obamacare.

Chris Deaton from Red Alert Politics was there and wrote,

“Tea Party allies and rising-star Sens. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), Mike Lee (R-Utah) and Rand Paul (R-Ky.) headlined the demonstration to build momentum for defunding the health care law when Congress is forced to consider legislation to continue government spending beyond the end of September…

 ‘Do you want half of Obamacare?’ Paul rhetorically asked the audience to a unified reply of ‘No!’

‘How about a quarter of it?’ Same response.

‘How about we defund the whole damn thing!’ Then came the rousing applause.’

The event was sponsored by ForAmerica, Tea Party Patriots and Young Americans for Liberty.

Deaton also spoke with a couple of the attendees from the rally, Charles and Lucy Ruhl, both of whom were clearly fired up for the rally.

“’Nothing is a choice between a patient and their doctor anymore,’ [Lucy] said. ‘The law is an albatross.’

Charles Ruhl added that while lifting its weight through the defunding tactic is ‘clearly a risk’, it’s a warranted one given what he said lawmakers were sent to Washington to do.

‘In the 2010 election, that’s what swept so many Republicans into the House — that they would stand against Obamacare.’”

At one point, Paul also called out his fellow members of the GOP, writes Tony Lee of Breitbart.

“’This fight is about some backbone. We need some backbone. We need some help.’

Paul added, ‘We don’t need to be the invertebrate caucus.’ He said conservatives needed to be the caucus with the spine, heart, and will to defund Obamacare.

Paul said conservatives may not win the ultimate battle to fully defund Obamacare but they will never know unless they actually fight.”

And there was Paul, once again at the forefront of that fight despite being in the third year of his first ever term in elected office.

You can watch Paul’s comments from the rally below:

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