Paul Exposes CNN Reporter Working With Clinton

Paul Exposes CNN Reporter Working With Clinton

CNN reporter, Elise Labott was caught working with Clinton, colluding directly with one of her aides.

It may be common for us to find some underhanded dealings in Washington, but we generally consider the media above the fray and non-partisan. That isn’t always the case though as we found out a CNN reporter was caught working with Clinton staffers to try and discredit Rand Paul publicly.

We hear a lot of talk about the media losing their bias, but it rarely comes to the spotlight this obviously. Americans depend on the media. As a democracy, we expect them to provide us unbiased, unfiltered facts so we, as voters, can make informed decisions regarding our own country. But what happens when the media itself takes sides? That’s exactly the case that has presented itself now.

It’s been proven that Labott received instruction from a Clinton aide to release a critical tweet against Paul, criticizing his tough questioning about Benghazi. On the surface, this hardly sounds like a giant conspiracy. That is until you realize this is direct collusion between a political staffer and a CNN reporter. Americans require unfiltered truth for our democracy to function and flourish and Labott has violated that trust necessary to provide the truth.

Paul’s chief campaign strategist, Doug Stafford, stated plainly:

“The liberal media has taken their Clinton sycophancy to a new low.” (Daily Caller)

And that is the crux of the problem. It’s not that an individual let their political opinions get the best of them. Likewise, it’s not that an individual let a friend or acquaintance compromise their objectivity. It is that a source of public information and unbiased fact allowed themselves to be subverted and turned into an instrument for a biased, political force.

As the Daily Caller pointed out:

“CNN foreign affairs correspondent Elise Labott — who was recently suspended by the network for two weeks in an unrelated matter — sent out at least two pro-Clinton tweets at the request of Clinton aide Philippe Reines.”

Therein lies the problem. While the twenty-four hour news cycle has become increasingly important to Americans, it has also become increasingly polarized and subject to distortion and outright lies. Is this what news has come to? Are these the people we trust with the future of our democracy? Do you think CNN reporter Elise Labott  compromised her journalistic integrity? Tell us your thoughts on Twitter. Better yet, follow us on Facebook to track this story.

Written by Mark Davis; Edited by Staff

(Photo courtesy of Mohamed Nanabhay, Flickr CC BY 2.0)



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