Paul Concerned Over Rise Of Jobless Coal Workers

Paul Concerned Over Rise Of Jobless Coal Workers

Even though Hillary Clinton claims to be committed to helping coal workers, Rand Paul, a senator from one of the hardest hit coal states, Kentucky, says otherwise and accuses Barack Obama and his administration of wanting to get rid of an entire industry.

This, at least, has become more apparent after the comment made by Hillary earlier this month during a Democratic Presidential Town Hall.

The Democratic presidential candidate proudly stated that she was “going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business.”


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100 More Coal Workers Lose Their Job

Recently, CSX has announced that over 100 people employed in Russell, Kentucky will be out of a job. This is a direct result of the decline in the coal industry in this state and Senator Paul says he is very concerned about it.

Clinton’s comments and her claims that she is looking to clean up the industry certainly doesn’t help matters or put workers’ minds at ease.

The Kentucky Coal Association responded to her earlier statement by saying:

“If a comment like this one is how you secure a nomination for the Presidency of the United States, then the future for Kentucky and our country is truly bleak. I hope everyone who believes in affordable and reliable electricity listens to Clinton’s words and makes their voice heard against her on Election Day. Simply put, if you are for Hillary Clinton, then you are not for coal.” (Local8Now)

The Best Way To Fight The War On Coal Is The Ballot Box

For Senator Paul, the best way to fight against the “War on Coal” is by making sure the next president is not against coal. Hillary Clinton clearly isn’t such a candidate.

When asked to name a candidate who’d fight for coal workers, Paul told the Daily Independent:

“I can tell you who it won’t be: Hillary Clinton. I’m not sure which is the best, otherwise.”

In an effort to help an increasing number of unemployed coal workers, Paul has proposed the introduction of “economic freedom zones” for eastern Kentucky and other regions reliant on the coal industry.

“Those would allow them to have a dramatic lowering of taxes for 10 years,” Paul said, which would lead to billions of dollars the region could put toward attracting businesses and growing the economy.

When asked about the outlook of the coal industry for future generations of workers, Paul said they may not be able to find work in the business.

“Will there be enough for the next generation? Even if we are able to reverse the War on Coal, probably not,” Paul said. “But we will do everything we can to oppose the ‘War on Coal’ and to start the economic freedom zones.” (Daily Independent)

Do you agree with Sen. Paul? Share your thoughts and comments below about how we can help coal workers and don’t forget to visit our Facebook and Twitter pages to show your support for Rand Paul.

(Photo courtesy of Rick Smith, Flickr CC BY 2.0)



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