Battling End-of-Year Wasteful Spending With Bonuses For Cost Cutters Act

Battling End-of-Year Wasteful Spending With Bonuses For Cost Cutters Act

If this bill passes, federal employees can score up to $10,000 by doing the almost unfathomable – helping the government cut costs. Last week, a senate committee finally gave its approval for the Paul-sponsored “Bonuses for Cost Cutters Act.”

This bill grants government workers a substantial bonus if they can find ways to cut unnecessary spending at the end of each fiscal year. Whatever is saved is then sent to the Treasury Department towards the budget deficit and then eventually onwards towards our $19 trillion debt.

The Act passed the committee with a 9-5 vote.

Sen. Paul applauded the committee’s decision by saying:

“I am pleased that my legislation has received bipartisan support and is on its way to full passage in the U.S. Senate. My bill will incentivize government employees to find, report and eliminated government waste, fraud and abuse throughout our bloated federal government.” (HSGAC)

One of the original co-sponsors of this bill, Senator Mark Warner (D-VA) told the Daily Caller:

“Our bipartisan proposal encourages federal agencies to return unused funds instead of rushing to spend-down their appropriations at the end of every fiscal year. When we empower federal employees to identify surplus funds instead of encouraging the ‘use it or lose it’ mentality, we are better stewards of taxpayers’ dollars.”

Paul has worked hard to put an end to frivolous end of year spending within our government.

According to the Daily Caller:

“The Kentucky Republican said last year that ‘perverse’ incentives for ‘use it or lose it’ spending by federal agencies at the end of the federal government’s fiscal year should be eliminated. Paul’s comment came during a hearing of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee’s subcommittee on federal spending oversight and emergency management.”

“Paul, who became chairman of the subcommittee in January 2015, told the hearing that when he assumed the position, he found printer ink cartridges his office couldn’t use stacked to the ceiling.”

“This practice will not continue under my chairmanship,” said Paul.

Will the Bonuses for Cost Cutters Act bill be enough to stop end-of-year waste by federal employees? Tell us what you think in the comments below!


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