Paul: Attorney General ‘Should Be Independent’, Not Act Outside the Law

Paul: Attorney General ‘Should Be Independent’, Not Act Outside the Law

Thank goodness someone is finally standing up and saying what so many are thinking: the Attorney General and the President of the United States have no right to act outside the law.

Senator Rand Paul has put pressure on his fellow legislators to block President Obama’s nominee to replace Eric Holder as Attorney General if that nominee is not willing to abide by the laws of the land. Instead of acting outside of the law, Paul told Breitbart News the new Attorney General should “operate independent of politics, independent of the president and under the direction of the Constitution.”

Eric Holder’s resignation has placed new pressure on President Obama and the Democrats to fill the post at the head of the Department of Justice with the upcoming midterm elections and a possible shift in the balance of political power on Capitol Hill. Making a smooth nomination is a must for the White House. Yet if the Obama administration expects things to be easy they are sorely misunderstanding concerns on the Hill over the White House’s executive overreach.

Under Obama’s tenure at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue the Executive branch has, time and again, overreached its boundaries and claimed the right to legislate. The Congress – the one true legislative arm of government – has been denied its oversight, and Senator Paul is not willing to sit back and allow a new Attorney General to continue in this disdain for the Constitution.

“Whether it’s immigration, healthcare or war, those are congressional powers,” he told Breitbart News, before adding, “but really with the whole separation of powers, he’s had a whole host of executive orders that appear to be legislating and appear to be illegal.”

Whoever the Obama administration nominates, the citizens of the United States will not miss the departing Attorney General . Eric Holder leaves behind a legacy that no public official can be proud of. As Nick Gillespie at Time put it this week, “Holder’s tenure has been marked by a disturbing mix of duplicity, incompetence, and obliviousness.” One YouGov poll this week suggested that only 1 in 4 Americans had a favourable opinion of a man who pledged to support and defend the Constitution of the United States but who instead let the President trample all over it.

As speculation continues as to who will replace Holder at the DOJ one thing is certain: the next Attorney General won’t have the same free hand to act outside the law as the last, especially with Senator Paul taking a stand for the Constitution.

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Written by Dylan Kissane



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