Paul & 34 Senators Push For Deeper Investigation Into Fetal Tissue Research

Paul & 34 Senators Push For Deeper Investigation Into Fetal Tissue Research

The use of fetal tissue salvaged from abortions has recently come under fire by Rand Paul and others in D.C. who are questioning the methods of Planned Parenthood in light of a recent video that claims to show negotiated sales of aborted fetuses.

Senator Paul has called for an investigation on the use of fetal tissue in research, and signed on with 34 other Republican senators in demanding the Department of Health and Human Services audits the nonprofit to ensure that they are fully in compliance with Federal law.

Regardless of how you might view Planned Parenthood, abortion and the recent video, it is important to ensure that entities receiving Federal dollars operate fully within the boundaries of the law and regulations that govern them. In fact, one might argue this often ideological debate over Planned Parenthood and the public money they receive is exactly why the Feds shouldn’t be directing funds to private groups, regardless of how effective they might be.

Here we see a prime example of Federal meddling in things best left to the states. Because Planned Parenthood continues to seek and take Federal dollars, any effort to examine their practices becomes a partisan boondoggle, where any effort to ensure their compliance with law can be twisted and misused by the left’s propaganda machine that likes to promote an imaginary “war on women.” Instead, the left should be standing up and agreeing to this audit in the name of fiscal and social responsibility.

In fact ANY entity receiving Federal money from the benign and even useful Civilian Marksmanship Program, to Planned Parenthood and anything else, should expect a regular and in-depth examination of their practices and spending to ensure they fully operate within the bounds of the law and the conditions attached to their public money.

Auditing Planned Parenthood to ensure that their use of fetal tissue falls within Federal law is not an attack against them, rather it is the logical, rational and well thought out response to a controversy that has divided the nation. Audits are a natural response when questions are raised and should not be controversial. Rand Paul once again offers a reasonable, rational and logical response to a pressing issue. Audit them, ensure compliance and move on with the business of government. Problem solved, end of story, life goes on. Is Senator Paul right to support an audit of Planned Parenthood? Tell us on Facebook and Twitter.

Written by Steve Coffman; Edited by Staff

(Photo courtesy of Quinn Dombrowski, Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0)



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