Palestine, We’re Not Giving You Foreign Aid Until This is Done

Palestine, We’re Not Giving You Foreign Aid Until This is Done

When it comes to foreign aid, the money flows right out. But does it support the things that the United States stands for? That’s what Rand Paul brought up on the Senate floor yesterday. He wants to stop giving U.S. aid to Palestine if the newly formed government doesn’t change its attitude towards Israel.

His Stand with Israel Act of 2014 requires the Palestinian Authority to recognize Israel as a legitimate nation and renounce all violent actions towards Israel — or risk losing all U.S. aid to Palestine.

“Israel cannot be expected to negotiate with an entity that does not believe it should exist, and has used terrorist tactics to seek its end,” Paul said in a statement that can be found on his website.

All of this comes in hopes that Paul can quell voters’ reservations that he has no support for Israel. Many in the Conservative right have dogged him for his lack of support for Israel, or that he may follow the rhetoric of his father. Ron Paul, who often calls for no foreign aid to be dolled out to any foreign nation. It’s largely known that the Conservative Party has ties with Israel and any Presidential hopeful who comes out will need to win points for good foreign policy.

His Stand with Israel Act of 2014 bill was blocked yesterday but with this move — and it’s one that is both smart and measured — Paul distances himself from his father’s ideology. This also separates himself from the rest of the pack. With no serious scandals like Gov. Christie of New Jersey, Paul has a rather clean record. And even though he has relation problems of his own, at least he isn’t former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, who’s related to two other former Presidents, both of whom are not well thought of by the voters.

Paul seems aware the spotlight is on him, writes Matthew Boyle of Breitbart.

“The interesting thing is – and this is why I think I’ve been treated unfairly somewhat,” Paul said, “I’ve probably had 10 different amendments that have been voted on or discussed about foreign aid. Not one of them has been on eliminating foreign aid. Every one that I’ve introduced with regard to Egypt or Libya or any of the various nations have all been to say aid should be contingent on behavior.” …

Paul’s philosophy on foreign aid is to use it for leverage in accomplishing U.S. goals, something that he thinks hasn’t been done nearly enough in recent decades.

“Otherwise, you’re just giving people your credit card and not really caring how they spend it or what they do,” Paul said. “So if we’re trying to modulate behavior, let’s by all means try to modulate behavior.” (Breitbart)

What’s your take on sending (or NOT sending) U.S. aid to Palestine? Comment below or share your thoughts with us on Facebook. Send us a tweet if you like.


WATCH: Rand Paul Introduce Stand with Israel Act of 2014
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