Over 200 Regulations Every Year, Welcome to the Land of the ‘Mostly Free’

Over 200 Regulations Every Year, Welcome to the Land of the ‘Mostly Free’

Once upon a time, we used to live in the land of the free, now it’s the land of the “mostly free.” Part of a 7 year decline, the United States has hit spot number 12 of the 2014 Index of Economic Freedom.

Why is America so dull in an area where the Land of the Free should shine? Blame the ever-expanding state. (National Review)

“We have over 200 regulations added every year,” said Sen. Paul last week at the Heritage Foundation, “that cost the economy over a hundred million dollars each.”

The Daily Caller reports that 141 new regulations were posted on Regulations.gov by federal agencies within 3 days of the new year.

We have a government that keeps pushing for more regulations and less choice, and it’s costing the economy and us while it’s trying to solve all the problems of the universe, ahem, nation.

“There are too damn many of them,” [U.S. Chamber of Commerce President Thomas J. Donohue criticized last month.] “Growth is being squandered and freedoms seriously undermined by an out of-control regulatory bureaucracy.”

“Take Obamacare — a convoluted, sprawling piece of legislation that has spawned a flood of regulations,” Mr. Donohue said. “As of September, the administration has already published 109 rules governing Obamacare. Together, these regulations total more than 10,000 pages — eight times longer than the Bible.” (Washington Times)

(I always take a step back whenever a lobbyist is up at bat, but it’s hard to knock a guy who has “festooned” the U.S. Chamber sitting across the way from the White House “with four banners spelling J-O-B-S in red, white and blue block letters, each 23 feet, 4 inches high.”)

Ed Feulner for The Washington Times comments that Hong Kong has ranked as No. 1 in the Index for 20 years now (since the creation of the Index), “thanks to its small government, low taxes and light regulations.” He also notes that:

“In the United States, the 10 states noted for the greatest amount of freedom, opportunity and encouragement of business activity are also the fastest-growing and most prosperous. On the other hand, the states with the greatest burden of taxes, regulations and restriction on businesses are the 10 slowest-growing states.”

“Economic freedom is inversely proportional to size of your government” and our government just keeps on growing, says Paul. “…This is the most anti-choice administration we’ve seen in a lifetime.”

I don’t know how you feel about living in the land of the “mostly free,” but less government might actually improve the economy. What are your thoughts? Discuss it below or on Facebook.


(Photo courtesy of Richard Allaway, via Flickr Creative Commons CC BY 2.0)


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