Out-Of-Job Coal Miner Confronts Hillary In West Virginia

Out-Of-Job Coal Miner Confronts Hillary In West Virginia

Hillary Clinton might want to rethink her approach to coal. Her rather boastful remark she made in a CNN town hall in March when she said she would “put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business” is coming back to bite her. Visiting West Virginia, Hillary was greeted not with overwhelming support, but by angry coal workers now out of a job.

One of those coal workers, Bo Copley, asked:

“How you could say you are going to put a lot of coal miners out of jobs and then come in here and tell us how you’re going to be our friend?” (Washington Post)

Clinton’s Apology To Coal Workers Overdue, Says Paul

There won’t be any friendly discussions with Clinton in Kentucky either. State Senator Rand Paul has already demanded an apology to coal workers from her, via a Twitter video, saying:

“Hillary Clinton’s apology is long overdue, and I am calling on her to apologize today, and in person, as she faces the Kentuckians suffering under her War on Coal.” (The Hill)

Paul also said Kentuckians don’t appreciate Hillary coming to their state and telling them that she is going to put them out of business.

“As Kentucky’s hardworking coal miners and their families continue to endure the very real and devastating effects of the Obama-Clinton War on Coal, I doubt they are excited to have the person who promised to put them out of work personally rubbing her anti-coal, anti-Kentucky agenda in their faces today.”, Paul said on his campaign site.

Largest Coal Company In World Shuts Doors

Meanwhile, the War on Coal is taking its victims, as more and more coal companies are forced to shut down their production and let miners go. The largest privately owned coal company in the world, Peabody Energy, filed for bankruptcy last month due to a plummet in coal prices and its current inability to service an expansion into Australia.

In a statement, Glenn Kellow, Chief Executive at Peabody Energy, said:

“This was a difficult decision, but it is the right path forward for Peabody. This process enables us to strengthen liquidity and reduce debt, build upon the significant operational achievements we’ve made in recent years and lay the foundation for long-term stability and success in the future.” (The Guardian)

Before Peabody Energy, a couple more companies filed bankruptcy, most notable of being Arch Coal which did so in January.

The situation in Kentucky’s coal industry right now seems as dark as their coal as coal production in this state has dropped by 12.8 per cent and it’s little wonder Hillary’s earlier comments are earning her such ire.

Is a simple apology to coal miners enough? Share your thoughts in the comments below and on our Facebook and Twitter pages.



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