Operation Choke Point Aimed at Guns

Gun manufacturers are in the same category as loan sharks, the porn industry and illegal drugs? The Justice Department says yes. The Attorney General, in backing Operation Choke Point, might have breezed over that little tidbit of information when defending the program.

On the surface, Operation Choke Point seems innocuous enough: Target online scams and illegal operations where you can hit them hardest — at their bank. The program is designed to isolate criminal types from access to modern financial services. This is the Justice Department at its finest, a Federal Government group doing its job for once, right?

Not so fast, says Sen. Rand Paul. Like almost every policy coming out of the White House in the last few years, Eric Holder manages to take something good and just… taint it with partisan agenda. You’d think, of all government bodies, the Justice Department has the easiest mandate. Go after bad guys, catch them, put them in jail. How can you screw that up? Well, you might have said the same thing about the IRS. And look at where that has gone.

It’s sadder though, because the Justice Department literally has “Justice” in its name. It should be above party politics. If any one division of government should be beyond reproach, it is this one. Instead, it has fallen to Sen. Paul to step in and shine a light on what’s actually happening under this DoJ program.

Aside from “payday lenders”, Operation Choke Point has targeted drug paraphernalia stores and gun stores, manufacturers and importers. Now, you might think drug paraphernalia stores are up to no good. You’d probably be right. But it misses one, simple and undeniable fact, these are still law abiding and tax paying businesses. If you want to shut down these stores, do it legitimately, through laws passed by Congress. If you can’t find the political will to pass such legislation then, Mr. Holder, there is no crime. Your job is to enforce the law, not create it.

As to the firearms industry…. Have. You. Lost. Your. Mind? You are the Justice Department. At least pretend that matters. How can you even have the brazen audacity to target a legitimate, law abiding industry on behalf of the White House? You are the DoJ. Act like it. Partisan politics should be so far beneath you.

Sen. Paul is seeking to amend the Commerce, Justice, Science, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act for the 2015 budget to keep the DoJ from going after firearms companies. One of Sen. Paul’s aides was quoted, in explanation, as saying:

“It’s basically to make sure that Second Amendment rights are protected [and] that the Justice Department can’t do an end around and use Operation Choke Point to go after gun dealers and ammunition sellers.” (Daily Caller)

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Written by Mark Davis



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