Only Short 7 Votes! The Fight To Audit The Fed Will Continue

Only Short 7 Votes! The Fight To Audit The Fed Will Continue

One thing any responsible adult or business understands is that from time to time they may have to be accountable for their financial actions. Lenders, the IRS and others may audit a person for many valid reasons. Yet for some reason it has been nearly impossible to audit the Fed.

Forcing an audit of the Fed is the sort of common sense act that holds the government accountable for its spending that the government seems terrified of.

While reminding America that he is the only GOP candidate who doesn’t want to “make the sand glow in the Middle East”, Rand Paul took a moment to spell out why auditing the Federal Reserve not only makes sense, but also is badly needed.

Government accountability has long been a top priority for Senator Paul, and his Audit the Fed bill will pull back the dark shadows over the secretive and nebulous masters of the American purse, and reveal just what the man behind the curtain is really up to. Rand Paul has called for oversight and transparency of the Fed, two things that are currently lacking.

While the Federal Reserve is a congressionally chartered entity that answers to Congress, it has been allowed to run about doing its own thing for quite some time on the assumption that either it’s doing its job or that there is no need to tell the American public what the central bank is up to.

Well, this is America after all, and if our government is involved in something we have a right to know what is up, and the government has the obligation to tell us just what is going on. The Fed isn’t some sort of X-Files like secret agency hiding aliens and Hitler’s frozen clone, it’s a key part of the global economy and we need to know what it’s doing.

When we finally do get an audit of the Fed, even if everything turns up sunshine and roses, and we find pretty ponies prancing in the bank vaults, Rand Paul will have reminded both Congress and the Fed who really pulls the strings in America, and that is the American people and their duly elected representatives. The Fed should have nothing to hide, and the fact it is taking an act of Congress to open their books is disgraceful.

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Written by Steve Coffman; Edited by staff

(Photo courtesy of Elvert Barnes, Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0)



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