Get Your Gun! Shooting Down Drones May Become Legal in Oklahoma

Get Your Gun! Shooting Down Drones May Become Legal in Oklahoma

Well, it is official folks, drones may soon be officially ordained for target practice in the state of Oklahoma. The bill, SB 492, expediently passed a Senate committee with a 6-4 vote, but what was the urgency to pass this bill against drones? Was it to thwart terrorists? To curtail drug runners? To protect personal privacy maybe?

Those are all good questions but that’s not it. It seems that the go ahead for residents to bring out their double barrel shot gun was issued with protection of the bovine kind in mind. That’s right, apparently even cattle rustlers are jumping on the drone bandwagon. Reports have been accumulating that these would-be cattle thieves have been using drones to track cattle and their owners to plot the perfect cow heist. It is this fear of bovine kidnappings that has led to this bill against drones.

Hamburger may be on the menu for some tech savvy cattle chasers in Oklahoma, but it was actually the threat of lawsuits that was on the mind of Senator Shortey who is the brainchild behind the motion. Senator Shortey claims that this bill is a measure to protect farm owners from being sued for destroying drones that fly over their property.

This latest attempt for an anti-drone ordinance in Oklahoma is not the first time a state has attempted to create such legislation. Colorado tried the same thing only to have the bill wind up dead in the water in 2014. Before the bill was shut down, there was even talk of issuing special drone hunting licenses, until the opposing vote of 73% was issued. So with a track record like this, what are the odds that a similar bill might pass in Oklahoma?

Regardless of how this bill progresses though, if someone wants to take down a drone there is not much that can be done to stop them. Many politicians readily agree to that assertion including one feisty Rand Paul who insinuated that if he caught a drone flying over his house he would shoot it down with his shotgun.

Whether the bill against drones is passed or not, let’s just hope that no one gets hurt, no one loses a cow, and Rand Paul has perfect aim. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

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