Obama’s Sequester Scare Tactics Come Up Short

Obama’s Sequester Scare Tactics Come Up Short

Remember the budget battle of 2013?

The Republican wanted to reign in government spending, slow down the flood of money to more of a trickle than an open stream. The Democrats wanted to continue on, like nothing was wrong, as the national debt climbed up and up and up.

So the two sides agreed to a sequester – a deal that automatically kicked in, and made cuts to almost every program across the board.

Obama and the Democrats said the spending cuts would hamper the nation’s economic recovery. And, well, as Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul noticed, things aren’t any worse.

At the Michigan Republican leadership Conference in the fall of 2013, Paul called the sequester “a step in the right direction,” and said Obama’s claims of massive damage to the country have turned out to be wrong.

Writes Paul Egan of the Detroit Free Press:

Obama had warned of air traffic control problems and rancid meat, but ‘it was a charade, it was scare tactics,’ Paul said in dinner speech at the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island.

‘The president said the world would end. He’s been made to look, frankly, a little bit foolish.’”

A shocking turn of events, I know. Big government claimed the country would be hurt if big government didn’t get to spend as much as they wanted. And that turned out to be a bit of a misstatement.

Paul basically said as much immediately after the sequester cuts were automatically put into effect on March 1, 2013. At the time, Paul said the cuts actually weren’t enough – it was essentially a slow down of a constabulary-increasing government spending, not an actual downturn in spending. So for example, instead of spending $5 this year, $10 next year, then $15 the year after, the sequester cuts would change that to $5-$8-$13.

That’s not really slamming on the brakes and making a 180 turn. That’s more like softly tapping the brakes as you continue to roll downhill at a slightly slower speed.

What about you? Have you noticed anything dramatically different since the sequester cuts went into effect on March 1 of 2013? Or does it seems like the Democrats’ cries of doom and gloom were maybe a bit overstated? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.



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