Obamacare Website? ‘I’d Rather Have a Tooth Pulled’

Obamacare Website? ‘I’d Rather Have a Tooth Pulled’

Have you tried to go on the HealthCare.gov website? Better known now as the mess of an insurance exchange created by the federal government under Obamacare.

It’s barely functioning.

The website has been a constant stream of glitches and unreliability since it debuted on October 1. Customers and insurance companies have complained about the issues. Those who were hired to program the site are saying they warned the Obama administration about its problems – that it wasn’t ready, and it needed to be structured differently. And the government is so busy trying to avoid pointed fingers that the people still don’t have much for answers to the question of why the website has functioned so poorly.

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul spoke up about it, three weeks after its opening. He’s not a fan of how difficult it is, writes Lucy McCalmont of Politico:

“’I’m getting ready to have to sign up for it, and I think I’d rather have a tooth pulled than go on that website,’ Paul said Thursday to radio station WTOP.”


The even bigger burn though was Paul’s take on a potential delay on the individual mandate. People are required, by law, to have insurance by January 1 of 2014. But some Democrats are calling for a delay, because of the website issues.

Paul, who has been critical of both the Obamacare rollout and the law overall, slammed Democrats for joining the call to delay the individual mandate, saying it is ‘the biggest irony.’

‘It’s hard not to have a belly laugh when I think of the Democrats now saying, ‘We need to delay the individual mandate even though they shut down the government over it,’’ Paul said.”

Paul even brushed up on his comedy on his Twitter page, referencing reports of some insurance companies having to cancel specific plans because they don’t meet Obamacare requirement guidelines.


How’s your experience with the Obamacare website been? About as bad as Paul and many others have described? Let us know in the comments!



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