Obamacare Deadline Making People Question Sanity

Obamacare Deadline Making People Question Sanity

Confused by Obamacare yet? Now you’re enrolled, now you’re not. Here’s the deadline for coverage starting Jan 1st. Ah, don’t worry, that Obamacare deadline has been extended. …And extended again. If you finally make it through the site without selling your firstborn child, you still need to get your first month’s premium in before this deadline or is it that deadline? I hope you’re not a last minute enrollee for Obamacare. If so, don’t plan on doing anything else for a while, because by the end, you’ll be left filled with doubts about health insurance and your mind, curled up in the fetal position, drooling on the floor.

According to FoxNews: The deadlines in the ObamaCare enrollment process have been a moving target. For those seeking coverage for the start of the new year, the deadline to sign up was originally Dec. 15. Then it was moved to Dec. 23, and then again to Dec. 24. Even after that deadline passed Tuesday night, the administration announced that those who ran into technical problems on HealthCare.gov could still seek an exemption and get covered by Jan. 1.

Then comes the next set of deadlines. After appeals from the Obama administration, major health insurers announced earlier this month that they would give people until Jan. 10 — as opposed to Dec. 31 — to pay their first month’s premium and have coverage effective Jan. 1.

But many states running their own exchanges have their own deadlines for first payments. Some have more than one. …

“It makes an already kind of chaotic situation even more chaotic,” Fox News contributor Kirsten Powers said.

So your deadline for your first payment could range anywhere from Jan 6th to as late as Jan 15th. It all depends on the insurer, state exchange, where the chicken bones fall, or how much sanity you have left.

Ultimately, Wonkbook would like to remind everyone that the current Obamacare deadline is not the final, final deadline. (Unless you’re trying to get 7 million people to sign up for Obamacare using a man in a baby outfit.) Not until March anyways. Although if you feel like walking into a lamppost multiple times from all the stress this is causing you or playing with vicious turtles, you may want to be covered.

Need to de-stress from all that Obamacare confusion? Watch this!

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